Welcome to Bluebay Hotels Zanziabr

Welcome to Bluebay Hotels Zanziabr

 Bluebay Hotels Zanzibar offers a choice of three impeccable luxury holiday hideouts on the pristine Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar. Each of the property is unique - the two beach Resorts are in fact specifically geared towards meeting specific traveler-type needs. Collectively, they are among the best hotels and resorts that Zanzibar has to offer to the world.

At Bluebay Hotels Zanzibar, you get a choice of the following:

Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa:
This is the premier property of the Group, opened in 1999 just in time for the millennium celebrations. 
The Blue Beach Resort & Spa is a 5-star deluxe hotel situated on landscaped, palm-decked 25-acres along the famed sparkling white sandy beaches of Kiwengwa on the East Coast of Zanzibar.  And it take you a leisurely 50 minute drive from the Airport – and the ancient Stone Town that is today a World Heritage Site - to get to this tropical paradise.
The hotel offers a total of 112 rooms among them, a set of 24 latest-style private Club rooms that came on stream in July 2007.
The Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa is the seed behind the group’s phenomenal success and international reputation. It was the first property of the group and, over the years, has set the standards in Zanzibar - and lent it’s name to the entire group of Hotels.

Sultan Sands Island Resort:
This is the latest gem in the Group’s crown with a unique touch of magical Africa. A choice of  76 rooms are on offer,  each built in single storey African style rondavels – and each with two tastefully decorated rooms with a separate changing room leading into the superbly appointed en-suite bathroom. The resort offers a wide range of facilities in addition to those available at the Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa.

For those who know Zanzibar, the Sultan Sands Island Resort stands where, until 2006, the La Villa Beach Club stood – then a standard 20 roomed hotel right next to Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa. After its acquisition by the Group, it was transformed into a unique, one-of-a-kind holiday facility. It is now a resplendent affair befitting its name association with the fabled Omani Sultans who ruled the Zanzibar Islands for centuries.

The same leisurely 50 minutes drive from the Airport through the Stone Town gets you to the Sultan Sands Island Resort and the sparkling white beaches of Kiwengwa. 

As we say in Swahili, karibu sana – you are most welcome!

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