Taking care of the environment

Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa has been officially recognised and commended by the Government of Zanzibar for its outstanding contribution to the preservation of the environment of the island.

In all the hotels and resorts of the Bluebay Group, environmental sustenance and care are a central consideration.  We are, after all, in the tourism business which, more than most other industries, is directly and intricately linked to the wellbeing of the natural flora, fauna and such other nature’s gifts as the beach.

We therefore take the environment very seriously. All our facilities are built to merge with, complement and protect the natural environment.  Within and in the surroundings of our hotels and resorts, deliberate measures are constantly made to restore and regenerate the natural and indegenous environment. At the resorts, the natural vegetation is retained and nurtured, and the beaches left in their natural state. At the Zanzibar Stone Town based Beyt al Chai, we have restored the building in the traditional Zanzibari way, blending African with Arabic designs and finishes and using local labour and expertise.

Walking the Talk on Environment

Some of the measures and practices we have in place towards protection the environment are:

» We have a Waste Water Recycling Plant which recycles all room, kitchen and laundry waste. The purified water is then used to maintain the beautiful tropical gardens at the resorts.
» We are actively participating in efforts to persuade the government of Zanzibar to designate the Kiwengwa area a marine and nature reserve. This will make it easier to protect plant and marine life in the area.
»We have an Incinerator used to incinerate all garden and kitchen rubbish. This is the only one of its kind on the island.

» All our refrigerators and air conditioners comply with the latest regulations concerning the use of CFC's and other ozone harmful gases.

» Our electrical and plumbing installations have been designed by European engineers and conform to the latest EU specifications. A certificate to this effect is available.

» All our rooms have been equipped with modern energy saving devices and all electrical installations employ the latest in energy efficient technology. All refrigerators and air conditioners also comply with the latest regulations concerning the use of CFC's and other ozone harmful gases.
» All solid roof areas are designed to allow for the collection of rainwater. This is stored, treated and used to supplement other water supplies.

» The lush tropical gardens have themselves been landscaped using indigenous trees, plants, shrubs and ground cover in order to attract the varied bird species of the island as well as to provide an insight to visitors of the diverse tropical vegetation on Zanzibar.

» We employ reverse osmosis technology to purify underground water in order to make it fit for human consumption. This reduces the impact of the hotel on Zanzibar's fresh water resources.
» Garbage is separated at source and what cannot be disposed of in an appropriate manner on the island is incinerated in a purpose-designed incinerator on the hotel premises. The resultant ashes are used to fertilise the hotels lush grounds.
» We have even taken a great deal of trouble to protect our environment from noise pollution by installing our standby generator in a soundproof structure which emits less than 70 dBa at 1 meter.




    Classical Africa with a touch of ancient Arabian mystique merge in this exquisite, exclusive 5-room boutique hotel within a traditional Zanzibar house, built on 3 floors on what was once a nobility tea house.

    GPS LOCATION: E 39:11'11.26 # S 6:9'47.65

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